Welcome to TheBestCovers, one of the best e-commerce stores for hand-painted canvas shoes.

We have more than 2 years’ experience in the online sale of hand-painted shoes.

Our shoes are all about your uniqueness and individuality.

We stock various standard designs, from cartoons, anime, portraits and landscapes, to plants, animals, etc. For the creative buyer, there is the option of customizing your own shoes with the design of your choice. We love it when you guys uniquely express yourselves!

Many of our returning customers use our hand-painted shoes for any and all occasions –

Weddings, birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, anniversaries and even graduations!

Whether you feel like funk, flare, frills or punk, you bet we will deliver.

We have a team of designers, painters and a one-to-one customer service staff that are waiting on you hand and foot, and will reply to all your emailed queries promptly.

For the past 2 years, the unceasing positive feeback on Ebay we have received from you, our global customers, has been our driving force here at TheBestCovers. That being said, we greatly value any and all feedback as it helps us better satisfy you.

Art comes from life, with no boundaries. Each member of TheBestCovers team loves life, and our love for life is our inspiration in constantly creating new designs for our shoes.